Book review: Circus

Circus is set in the Cold War and Russia has a secret. It’s a potentially devastating weapon (or the theory of it) that is secure in a prison facility. America can’t allow Russia to develop it any further. The CIA plans to steal the plans, even though it’s held in a seemingly impregnable facility. The CIA approach Bruno Wildermann, who is a trapeze artist in a circus. Before the circus embarks on a tour of Eastern Europe, two CIA agents are killed. There’s a Soviet mole in the camp. But who? And will they be able to Wildermann?

The plot is a basic one (to steal a plan that is in a safe location), but MacLean builds the tension throughout. The pace of the novel increases as Wildermann gets closer to the mission, which becomes seemingly impossible as Wildermann is under observation from the secret police. There is a twist at the end and it was an excellent book.

Rating (out of 5): *****


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