Book review: Second Chance

Second Chance follows Biffo Brimstone, who quits his high-paid job at a television company in protest at having to work on quiz shows. He breaks the news to his materialistic wife and children and ends up leaving the house. He travels and ends up in Fondling-Under-Water, a village in the countryside.

Fondling-Under-Water is populated by eccentric and lovable characters. The pub is a danger to all newcomers, but is the focal point for the village. Along with the cricket team. It’s not long before Biffo gets called up. But it’s just not cricket…

The characters are all developed and the villagers take to Biffo, making him one of their own. There are only a couple of cricket matches in the book. There are believable aspects to the game and also some that are less likely to occur. You would not have to be a cricket lover to enjoy the book and it reads like Wodehouse at times. An excellent book.

Rating (out of 5): *****


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