Book review: High Risk

High Risk brings two stories together. Hal lives in Alaska and is an avalanche expert. He predicts there will be large, dangerous avalanches. At the same time as the avalanches in Alaska, there is a devastating storm on Mount Everest, killing media tycoon Sebastian Turner. Turner’s wife, Josie, is a TV presenter and in the public eye as news of his death breaks. Josie decides to visit Mount Everest and she soon wants to climb the mountain to find her husband, with Hal acting as a guide.

The avalanche and Mount Everest are well described and draw upon the author’s experiences. The characters are introduced in the opening chapters and are developed as the story progresses. Adverse weather conditions strike the mountain as Hal and Josie climb and they run into more and more trouble, increasing the tension as the novel moves on.

Rating (out of 5): ****


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