Book review: The Watchman

Alex Temple is on a mission in Sierra Leone to rescue journalists being held hostage. No sooner is the mission complete than he gets recalled to Britain for a top secret mission. MI5 have lost contact with an SAS trained mole and agents linked with him are being killed in a brutal manner. Temple’s task is simple – eliminate the mole, known as Watchman. Temple has to go up against someone as well-trained as he is and who is on a mission. But why is Watchman murdering his former handlers?

The novel starts at a quick pace with action straight away, before the main plot starts. Temple is shown to be an excellent soldier, but he is not perfect as he discovers with his first encounter with Watchman. The plot moves along at an excellent pace throughout and Temple discovers why Watchman is murdering his former handlers, leaving him with a moral decision to make. A good, enjoyable thriller.

Rating (out of 5): ****


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