Growing the Grecians #76 – Press conference following Exeter City’s promotion to the Premier League

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am delighted to be here this evening after having guided the club I support to the Premier League and look forward to answering your questions.

I’ll start with a question from Fuddled Fox.

@FuddledFox: Do you plan to spend big money on new players or will you stick by the squad who took you up?

I am happy with our squad and they have performed magnificently this season. I see it as being evolution rather than revolution that is required. There are a couple of names I have in mind for where and how we can strengthen, so you can expect to see some activity in the transfer market.

The board have made funds available. Compared to how we have spent in the past, we will be spending big money. I think you can expect to see our record transfer fee broken, possibly a couple of times. However, in the context of the Premier League, we will not be classed as big spenders

It looks like we have a follow on question from Tom.

@TomFM_YT: Do you think the club has a good enough reputation to bring in the players you need to keep the club from being relegated next season?

Thanks Tom. As always, I will be looking to bring in a couple of new faces, but it will be evolution rather than revolution as I stated earlier. We have a good bunch of players who have done an excellent job in getting us promotion. But with regards to our reputation, then yes I believe we can bring in the players we want. This is our second promotion in six seasons and we’re a club that’s moving forwards. I would imagine that lots of players would be interested in joining a club that’s going forwards. Where I believe our reputation will help us is young players looking to make the breakthrough. I’ve shown that I’m prepared to give youth a chance and that will continue.

I’ll take a question now from JNO from FPL Today.

@JNOUnited: I’d love to know if you think any of your players will make an impact of the Fantasy Premier League Players Season? Can any of your players take their assists and goals from the Championship and bring them to the Premier League?

Casual fans won’t include many of our players in their side, but proper fans will recognise that we have some very good players here who, I believe, can make an impact at a higher level. Federico (Cenci) is obviously the standout player with his 31 goals this season and you all know that half of Serie A is after him, but he’s received plenty of assists from Alain (Besse) and Jonny (Hayes) in the wide areas as well as Bertin (Matip) and Oliver (Norwood) from set pieces. Defensively, we only conceded 46 goals, so we’re capable of keeping things tight. We’re going to be the smallest club in the league, so there will be bargains out there that I’m sure some people will take advantage of.

I see you have a question Gee.

@GeeW_FM: Realistically what are you hoping to achieve this season?

The title! Realistically, it’s going to be tough for us. We’re going to be the smallest club by quite a distance and we’re up against some of the best clubs in Europe and the best players in the world. I would expect us to be made favourites for relegation and if you offered me 17th next season right now, I’d take it as a platform to build on. However, I think we’re good enough to be aiming to finish somewhere in the region of tenth to fourteenth.

I’ll take another question from Fuddled Fox.

@FuddledFox: Do you believe the club’s facilities are up to premier league standard?

We’re going to have the smallest ground in the league. Even after the 4,000 extra seats have been installed, the capacity is only going to be around 12,000. Compare that with grounds like Old Trafford and the Emirates Stadium and there’s a big difference.

The smaller capacity also means that we have a much smaller stream of income than other clubs, which will have an impact on how quickly we can develop areas such as our training facilities. I would love for our facilities to be bigger and better, but I know this will take time and money and staying in the Premier League is going to be the best way of allowing us to develop out facilities.

Thank you for the questions. If you have any further questions, please ask them by leaving a comment.

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