Players Football Manager has caused you to dislike

There seem to be plenty of lists of players to sign who will (almost single-handedly) lead your club to glory. It could be Michael Duff at the back, Tommy Svindal Larsen in midfield, Tonton Zola Moukoko marauding around in the Number 10 or Cherno Samba banging them in up front. Four examples of players who have become cult heroes and loved for how well they’ve done in the game. But what about the players who go the opposite way. Those who you end up loathing. Below are two examples of players the game has caused me to dislike.

Jay Roderiguez

Football Manager 2012 and I’ve got Exeter City into the Championship. Over the course of several seasons, we play Watford numerous times and we always need to score at least twice and that’s often only good enough for a point. The reason? Jay Roderiguez. Many strikers have a club they have a good record against, but Roderiguez’s record against us was bordering on silly. The tipping point was a game when we were winning 2-0 with 10 minutes to go and Roderiguez had barely seen the ball. 10 minutes later and he’s rescued a point for them. I would have loved to sign him if only to stop him playing against me.

Keylor Navas

Football Manager 2007 and I sign an unknown Costa Rican goalkeeper for League 1 Exeter City. He remains arguably the best goalkeeper I have ever signed in the game and was often the reason behind us picking up points we probably didn’t really deserve. So why does he make my list? At the end of his second season with us, he left the club on a free transfer. Irritating. For less money. Surprising. To drop down a league. Disappointing. And sign for Plymouth Argyle. Unforgivable.

Which players have you ended up disliking because of Football Manager? Leave a comment, naming the player(s) and the reason(s) why.


One thought on “Players Football Manager has caused you to dislike

  1. […] With 24 minutes gone, Michele Marconi chases after a long ball. Hanley also goes after it and is edging ahead. Hanley gets to the ball first in the Watford penalty area, but Marconi slides in to win it. He brings Hanley down. Mr. Stroud’s whistle goes and he comes running over. Mr. Stroud reaches into his pocket and produces a red card. Marconi is off! So we only have 66 minutes to play away from home against a team featuring a nemesis of mine in Jay Rodriguez. […]


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