Nick Sullivan sees his best friend murdered by three men at sea and manages to escape. He reports the murder, but becomes the only suspect. Which isn’t surprising considering no-one else has seen the three men and Nick’s wife was having an affair with his best friend. Sullivan decides to find the three men and prove his innocence

Whilst it’s not surprising that the police don’t believe him, it’s a shame because the three men have access to plutonium. Approximately five pounds. And they’re blackmailing the British government – £60m in diamonds or the plutonium will be released. There’s only 48 hours for the government. It become a race against time for the authorities. The soon discover that Sullivan is tracking the three men. Find Sullivan and they find the blackmailers. But how do you find men who don’t want to be found?

Fallout is a good thriller and the plot soon becomes apparent. However, how the plutonium will be released is not revealed until late in the day. As the time starts to run out, the pace and tension increase accordingly. A very good thriller and the first book in the Nick Sullivan series.

Rating (out of 5): ****


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