FMM18 World Cup

There will be a blog post each day at midday for the Football Manager Mobile 2018 World Cup that was played on my save. Some of the dates are slightly different to the actual World Cup (for example, there is no FMM18 World Cup game today, despite the World Cup beginning today) and the teams and groups are different. The groups are:

Group A: Russia, South Korea, Spain, Zambia.
Group B: Brazil, Costa Rica, Iceland, Tunisia.
Group C: Ghana, Portugal, Ukraine, USA.
Group D: Colombia, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, South Africa.
Group E: Australia, Chile, Italy, Northern Ireland.
Group F: England, France, Iran, Ivory Coast.
Group G: Germany, Mexico, Romania, Uruguay.
Group H: Argentina, Belgium, Japan, Wales.

Read Day 1 of the tournament; the opening match is Russia V Zambia.

Leave a comment letting me know who you think will qualify from each group and/or who will win the FMM18 World Cup.

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  1. […] I embarked on two projects this year. The first was in June and July, where I blogged the Football Manager Mobile World Cup to go alongside the World Cup. If you missed it at the time, or want to read it again, start with the first post. […]


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