WOS Wrestling 8th September

THe show opened with Nathan Cruz making his way to the ring with a microphone following his attack on Adam Maxted after their loss in the tag team final. He challenged Maxted to a ladder match, with the winner gaining a contract and the loser leaving WOS. Stu Bennett announced he had sanctioned the match and Maxted made his way to the ring. Maxted started in control and was the first to go for the ladder, but Cruz stopped him. Cruz brought the ladder to the ring and looked to use it as a weapon, but a drop toe hold gave Maxted the first chance to climb the ladder. The ladder was used as a weapon and Maxted used the ropes as a springboard to knock Cruz off the ladder a couple of times. Finally, the contract was retrieved by… Adam Maxted.

The second match was between Gabriel Kidd, Robbie X, Liam Slater and Crater. It was billed as a four-way match, but Slater, X and Kidd were in the ring with Crater outside. The three challenged Crater to get into the ring and when he did, they ganged up on him, but he pushed them all away and took control of the match. Offence from the others didn’t take him down, but a triple dropkick knocked him out the ring, but on his feet. The three jumped through the ropes and Crater got knocked down onto one knee. THe three then started wrestling one another. Control was exchanged between the three until Crater came back into the ring. The three finally managed to get Crater down and he was pinned by all three. Whilst the referee was trying to decide who won, Crater attacked all three and tried to unmask Robbie X.

Grado took on Martin Kirby in the third match of the evening. Kirby made his way towards Grado’s bumbag and as Grado protected it, Kirby used it as an opportunity to attack him. Grado recovered and took control of the match. The pace quickened when Kirby took control. Kirby picked up Grado’s bumbag, opened it and pulled out a toothbrush. Kirby wiped his armpit with the toothbrush and there was then a duel over who would have the toothbrush in their mouth. Grado kicked Kirby, wiped the toothbrush under his armpit and brushed Kirby’s teeth with it. Kirby ended up securing the win though, courtesy of hooking his feet on the ropes when pinning Grado.

The show concluded with a tag team match, which pitted Rampage and Sha Samuels (accompanied by CJ Banks) against Justin Sysum and Joe Hendry. Rampage started the match off against Hendry; when Sysum tagged in, Rampage tagged out. Rampage re-entered with a blind tag and took advantage of Sysum not being aware, giving him control of the match. When Sysum was finally able to tag out, Hendry briefly had control; this was soon taken back by Samuels and Rampage. When Rampage got thrown out of the ring, Sysum followed up with a dive over the ropes, taking out Rampage and Banks. Samuels was pinned, giving Sysum and Hendry the win.

A good show, with different types of match throughout. The Grado/Kirby match with the toothbrush was bizarre, but worked in the context of the match. Crater trying to unmask Robbie X could set up a ‘loser is unmasked’ match, but it’s difficult to see beyond a Crater win. One change I would have made would have been the main event, which Stu Bennett announced prior to the second match in a pre-recorded segment in his office. After announcing it would be a tag team match with Rampage and Sha Samuels teaming up, I would have made Justin Sysum’s tag team partner for the match CJ Banks. It would have fixed the odds against Sysum and boosted Bennett’s heel role.

Leave a comment with your thoughts about the show and how I would have booked the main event.


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