The Chips Are Town #1 – Hello, Good Day & Welcome

Welcome to Episode 1 of The Chips Are Town, my Football Manager 2019 save with… well that would be telling at this point! This is my first new save on Football Manager (and my first new Football Manager) for seven years (and that was my first new one in five years). Little did I realise seven years ago that I would be embarking on my most successful save ever, guiding my beloved Exeter City to the Premier League, all while developing a man-crush on my star Italian regen striker (who was but a silhouette). This (the success, less so the man-crush) has been documented in my Growing the Grecians posts. But I’m not taking over the reigns at St. James Park. I’m heading North and am manager of…

Chippenham Town, who are they?

Exactly. Chippenham Town are currently in the Vanarama National League South. They’re currently mid-table, which matches their finish last season.

Why Chippenham Town?

The first words my wife said to me when I told her who I would be managing. They’re a local non-league side to me and my target is to make them the best team in Wiltshire. To achieve this, we’ll have to overtake Swindon Town, who are currently in League 2. Besides them being local, I’ve always preferred lower league management, always being on the hunt for a player who can take the league by storm.

What can I expect from the save?

Infrequent posts (I work full time and have a young son), detailed match reports, obscure references and ‘Dad’ jokes. I’m looking forward to seeing you back for Episode 2, where I’ll look at the players I’ve inherited.

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