The Chips Are Town #17 – Hot Shots Part Du

It was a very lucky point that we gained against Dulwich Hamlet in our last match. Our attention switches back to the FA Cup and we’re going to need a better away performance it we’re to even reach the minimum expectation of the Fourth Qualifying Round.

Pre-Match: Harrow Borough V Chippenham Town – FA Cup Third Qualifying Round – Saturday 6th October 2018


Harrow Borough Lineup:

Chippenham Town Lineup:

Odds: Harrow Borough=9/2, Draw=13/5, Chippenham Town=1/2
Referee: Mr. Lloyd Wood

We’re favourites here (and as we’re odds on, strong favourites), so it’s a more attacking lineup than I tend to employ away from home, albeit with a rotated side. The players coming in are good enough to get the job done. I just hope they do and it doesn’t become a banana skin for us.

We start well and with 9 minutes on the clock, Jack Compton passes to Tendai Matinyadze and he helps the ball on to George O’Neill. O’Neill fires a hard shot from 16 yards.

It’s O’Neill’s third goal of the season and it was beyond Lilley before he had a chance to blink. If there were any nerves, hopefully that will settle them and we can kick on from here. If we could put the game to bed early like in the Second Qualifying Round, that would be perfect.

Three minutes after we opened the scoring, we double our lead. George Rigg puts in a deep cross from the right and finds an unmarked Jordan Adekunle 6 yards out at the far post.

It’s a controlled finish and Adekunle’s second of the season. Always nice to see a man who so often plays the provider get a goal himself. Things are already looking very good and we’re establishing full control over this Cup tie.

Compton passes to Adekunle in the 17th minute. Adekunle controls the ball and takes it into the areas. The Harrow defence don’t want to risk a tackle leading to a penalty and Adekunle looks to add his second of the game from 12 yards. Lilley refuses to be beaten at his near post and a strong hand keeps our lead at two at the expense of a corner.

Adekunle seems determined to fill his boots today and with 25 minutes on the clock, decides that nothing is on in front of him so unleashes a piledriver from 30 yards. If Lilley was feeling chilly, his fingertips are certainly now much warmer as he tips the ball over the bar for a corner.

The less said about the corner the better, although we do pick up on the clearance. It gets worked to the left and O’Neill sends in a cross. Seika Jatta is 6 yards out and heads it goalwards.

It’s Jatta’s first ever goal for the club and, at the risk of ending up severely embarrassed, means that any lingering doubts about us going to the Fourth Qualifying Round of the FA Cup are over. I can’t see a way that we’re going to let a three-goal lead slip.

My chances of severe embarrassment reduce even further three minutes later when Matinyadze looks up and spots Adekunle on the move. He surgically slices open the Harrow defence and Adekunle runs on to the through ball. He’s only three yards out, but it’s a tight angle. He shoots, looking to beat Lilley at his near post.

It’s Adekunle’s second of the game and third of the season. No goalkeeper likes to be beaten at their near post, but Lilley didn’t stand a chance from that distance.

In the 33rd minute, Adekunle takes a break from his goal-scoring and looks to play provider, slipping in Jatta. Jatta steadies himself and shoots from 10 yards, forcing Lilley into a smart stop. Two minutes later, O’Neill tees up Conor Levingston who shoots from 18 yards. The result is the same as Jatta’s shot two minutes previously.

With two minutes to go until half time, Matinyadze lifts the ball over the top of the Harrow defence. Jatta volleys the ball from 8 yards and it’s an outstanding reflex save from Lilley, who pushes the ball away for a corner. O’Neill jogs over and swings the ball out. Audrius Laucys is at the near post and lays the ball back to Levingston; he shoots first time and the ball hits a defender on the way in.

It’s his first ever goal for the club and once again in the FA Cup, we head into the dressing room with an incredibly comfortable five-goal lead. We didn’t kick on from that last time, but I’ve got players playing who are pushing for a regular starting spot, so it could be a long old afternoon for Harrow.

The half starts slowly, with the first action of note coming in the eleventh minute of the half when Webb shoots over from 20 yards. Whilst the shot caused little danger and may not have woken up Callum Preston, it certainly wakes up the rest of the side. One minute later, Jatta resumes normal service and shoots from 18 yards. The shot is blocked and falls to Levingston.

Levingston doubles his tally for the match (and club!) with a first time effort from 12 yards. I’m pleased that we haven’t stopped at five and will hopefully add a couple more and make my next selection difficult.

Mr. Wood takes McLeod’s name in the 61st minute. I make my first substitution in the 65th minute as I give George Rigg some time off; Gary Horgan is his replacement. Horgan is not a natural right back by any stretch of the imagination, but we’re six goals up with 25 minutes remaining, so I think we’ll be alright.

A right back playing in an unfamiliar position gives Harrow a target. Four minutes after the change, Webb pulls the ball back from the left byeline and Kearney shoots from 6. It’s straight at Preston and he has no problem saving it.

Bryan tries his luck from 25 yards in the 75th minute with a low shot, but Preston has no problem in preventing Harrow from getting on the scoresheet. They’ve started to create a little bit, but it’s far too little and far too late. Mr. Wood adds Robbins’ name to his book one minute later.

Adekunle and Levingston are both on hat-tricks. In the 79th minute, one looks to set up the hat-trick for the other. Levingston gives the ball to Adekunle, who shoots from 10 yards. It’s a low shot. Lilley dives. And gets there, turning the ball around the post for a corner.

We win a free kick 30 yards out in the 83rd minute. Yan Klukowski normally steps up and takes these, but he’s not playing. O’Neill puts the ball down and judges his options. It’s reasonably straight, so he judges a shot is for the best. O’Neill hits it well. Lilley dives. It beats him. But not the post. The rebound falls to Laucys, who is only three yards out. He hammers the rebound straight into the prostrate Lilley, who probably wishes that Laucys had found the net. The rebound falls to Robbins, who launches the ball to safety.

With 3 minutes to go, Harris collects the ball on the halfway line. He runs. And runs. And runs some more. He’s 18 yards out and shoots. Straight in to Preston’s arms. Four minutes later, it’s Hamilton-Forbes’ turn to run. He runs down the left and crosses to the far post. Bryan volleys home from 10 yards and grabs a consolation goal for the hosts. As well as the final goal of the match.

Or is it? One minute later, Levingston gives the ball to Compton, who has his back to goal 16 yards out. Compton turns and fires across the face of goal. All the way across the face of the goal and out for a goal kick. Bryan did have the final goal of the afternoon.


Harrow Borough Ratings:

Tonkinson 6.4, Hippolyte 6.3, Tingle 5.9

Chippenham Town Ratings:

Rigg 8.9

Attendance: 422

It’s another excellent showing from us in the FA Cup as once again we put a lower league side to the sword. The key in both games has been scoring early and getting into a commanding lead within the opening half hour. The conceding of a goal in stoppage time was a bit of a disappointment, but the play came down the left, where Horgan was playing out of position.

I know that Harrow were playing at home, but we were the favourites and judging by the stats, you have to wonder if they would have been better off playing a less open formation as Lilley had an incredibly busy afternoon in the Harrow goal as we rained in shot after shot. 33 of them in total. Yes, 33! It’s not as though he had the fortune of being able to watch them all go harmlessly by either as 21 were on target. Perhaps they could consider themselves fortunate to have only conceded 6….

The draw for the Fourth Qualifying Round of the FA Cup is made and a five-goal winning margin seems pretty unlikely because we’ll be visiting Woking.

Tendai Matinyadze and Audrius Laucys don’t travel back with the rest of the team, hopping on to planes instead due to international call-ups. Laucys plays a 6.3 for Lithuania U21s in a 3-0 loss to Denmark U21s. Zimbabwe lose 1-0 to Congo, with Matinyadze turning in a 6.7.

The squad strengthening continues and this time it’s not a midfielder! It’s a left back. Curtis McDonald has been playing well and Jon Beedon can cover for him, but Beedon is not contracted so we could very quickly be left without an option at left back. Enter free signing, Adam Osbourne:

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