Westmalle Trappist Tripel

As part of his Twitch streams, @kegmanplays has a #BeerBollocks section in which a beer is selected and any accompanying notes are read. It’s inspired me to start my own, in which I will write down any tasting notes or notes on the bottle or can. If there are tasting notes and notes on the bottle or can, both will be included (stating which is which). As well as being written down, I will also give them my #BeerBollocks rating, ranging from 0 (notes just say what it is) to 5 (complete and utter #BeerBollocks). I’ll also include my thoughts on the beer and rating I’ve given it on Untappd.

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Westmalle Trappist

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Bottle: (Translated through Google Translate): A light golden blonde, this tripel has been brazed in limited production under the vigilance of the monks. The living beer still ferments in the bottle. Let it rest a few days between 8 and 14C. Serve it carefully. A deposit of the bottle, enjoy it apart.

It gives some information about the beer and how best to serve it, which is always good. But ‘under the vigilance of the monks’ conjures up images of monks peering intently at the beer whilst it brews, which seems a step too far. A #BeerBollocks rating of 2.

My Untappd comment and score:
Strong and smooth with a hint of fruit in the aftertaste. 4.25/5

Disagree with my #BeerBollocks rating or Untappd score? Leave a comment, letting me know why and what rating you would give it.

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