The World Cup of Tribute Band Names – The Draw

Welcome to the World Cup of Tribute Band names, in which we look to crown the tribute band with the best name. The FIFA World Cup will be expanding to 48 teams, so we have 48 tribute bands split into 16 groups; the top two from each group (as voted for by you) progress to the knockout phase. The tribute bands in the draw are:

ABBAsolutely; Antarctic Monkeys; The B Street Band; Blank 281; Blobbie Williams; Blurd; By Jovi; Clone Roses; Definitely Might Be; Departure; Fake That; Faux Fighters; The Fillers; Fleetwood Bac; Fred Zeppelin; Green Date; Green Haze; Guns 4 Roses; Happy Mondaze; Hi-On Maiden; Kings of Lyon; Let There B/DC; Mac Sabbath; Mused; Nearvana; Noasis; No Duh; Not The Hoople; Oasish; The Offspin; Paramore Or Less; Quo-caine; Quo-Incidence; Peat Loaf; Really Hot Chilli Peppers; Red Hot Chili Pipers; Red Not Chili Peppers; Reet Hot Chili Peppers; The Rolling Clones; Scopyons; Small Fakers; The South Martins; Stereotonics; Swede Dreamz; Take Fat; Think Floyd; Who’s Who; Wrong Jovi

Voting for Group A will open on Monday 18th February; voting will open at 20:00 and last for one day before the next group (or knockout match) becomes available. In the event of a tie, I will have the casting vote.

Watch the draw:

Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
Group E
Group F
Group G
Group H
Group I
Group J
Group K
Group L
Group M
Group N
Group O
Group P


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