The World Cup of Tribute Band Names

Well, the World Cup of Tribute Band Names has come to an end. 48 tribute bands started out and when the dust had settled, it was By Jovi walking away with the crown. The links went to a Bon Jovi fan page, but there was a tribute band called By Jovi who changed their name to the Bon Jovi Experience.

I’d like to offer a huge thank you to everyone who voted for a tribute band name. Also, I’d like to thank the tribute bands who got involved with retweeting and/or quoting tweets; I hope they/you found it as much fun and enjoyable as I did.

The World Cup of Tribute Band Names was pretty spontaneous; a Wednesday morning at work saw someone refer to it as hump day. I said that I prefer to think of it as Bon Jovi day – halfway there. A reply of, “I once saw a tribute band called By Jovi” prompted me to mention Antarctic Monkeys and Definitely Might Be. At that point, I thought about a Twitter poll of what the best tribute band name is. But more names were mentioned and thought of. A tournament was required. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday lunchtimes saw more tribute band names being looked for and found. 48 were in place by Friday evening, the draw took place on Saturday and the video of the draw posted on Sunday ahead of Group A starting on Monday.

With the tournament coming together so rapidly, it was tribute bands being added as they were found. But other tribute bands have been in contact asking about their name. It was too late at that point for them to be included, so another tournament is required. We’ve had the World Cup, so over the summer (starting on 1st July), the World Championship of Tribute Band Names will be contested. As with the World Cup, 48 will start out until a champion is crowned.


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