Tigers in the NHL!

Thanks to Hockey Legacy Manager 20, the Telford Tigers are in the NHL. Vegas Knights are the newest NHL franchise, so they’ve made way for the Tigers. It’s not just a change of name, it’s a change of roster. I’ve selected a squad based on players I’ve seen since I started watching the Tigers in the 08/09 season. Where possible, they have the shirt number they wore for the Tigers. Where not possible, it’s as close as I can get. So, with no further delay, welcome your NHL Telford Tigers squad!


30. Brad Day
31. Declan Ryan
35. Sam Gospel
94. Ondrej Raszka


2. Adam Jones
4. Sam Zajac (A)
5. Ashley Stanton
12. Danny Rose
14. Jonathan Weaver
18. Juraj Senko
21. Rupert Quiney
26. Jaroslav Kruzik
27. Daniel Croft
28. Sam Oakford


8. Ricky Plant
10. Peter Szabo
11. James Knight
15. Ashley Calvert
16. Nathan Salem
17. Owen Bennett
19. Daniel MacKriel (C)
20. Tom Watkins
22. Jason Silverthorn
23. Joe Miller
24. Milan Kolena
25. Phil Hill
33. Michal Satek
34. Brandon Whistle
61. Adam Taylor
72. Marek Hornak
77. Scott McKenzie (A)
89. Blahoslav Novak
91. Andy McKinney
93. Doug Clarkson

Intended lines


94. Raszka, 30. Day


14. Weaver – 4. Zajac
18. Senko – 27. Oakford
28. Croft – 12. Rose


93. Clarkson – 10. Szabo – 72. Hornak
25. Hill – 77. McKenzie – 91. McKinney
24. Kolena – 22. Silverthorn – 19. MacKriel
11. Knight – 20. Watkins – 8. Plant

As each month of the season is completed, I will give the scores of the games played (along with who scored the points) and the total points each player has scored. Find out how October went.

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