Dr. No

Dr. No is the sixth book in the James Bond series. Bond is finally back to full health and back in the office. The recommendation is that Bond shouldn’t be pushed too hard, so a trip to Jamaica to investigate the disappearance of the Service’s man on the island is what M sends him on. It seems an open and shut case with no danger. Little does M, or Bond, know…

Bond is now a well-established character and as soon as the case is mentioned (coupled with the reader already knowing has happened to Strangways), it’s clear it won’t be as simple or as easy as thought in London. However, predicting the difficulty of it is impossible – Dr. No is Bond’s most formidable adversary since Mr. Big in Live and Let Die. Dr. No is introduced relatively late in the novel and it borders on a mild horror book with the description of Dr. No and the trials he puts Bond through.

Dr. No sees Bond put in the most danger to date with the series. As a book, it’s far grittier than the film and is an excellent novel.

Rating (out of 5): *****

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