Erasmus Hobart and the Golden Arrow

How true are legends? We’ll never know. To know the truth behind legends, we’d need to travel back in time. Which is just what Erasmus Hobart, a school teacher (History and Physics) is able to do. He’s developed a time machine and decides to find out the truth behind the legend of Robin Hood ahead of the school play.

The opening chapter reads like the opening to a James Bond film as we’re introduced to Hobart and his time travelling machine. He’s travelled back to when Lady Godiva took to the streets and is lucky to escape. His journey back to Robin Hood’s time is trickier when he makes an enemy of Guy Gisborne and gets separated from the machine. He soon discovers what Robin Hood was like and has to ensure that he doesn’t ruin history. What was Robin Hood like? Well, that would spoil the book!

An easy to read and enjoyable book. Hobart’s adventure is a great one to follow and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Give it a go and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Rating (out of 5): *****


2018 Premier League Darts Week 8 Predictions

Daryl Gurney V Mensur Suljovic – Suljovic win
Michael van Gerwen V Michael Smith – van Gerwen win
Gary Anderson V Simon Whitlock – Anderson win
Peter Wright V Raymond van Barneveld – van Barneveld win
Rob Cross V Gerwyn Price – Cross win

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FMM18 update or: How I learned to stop worrying and love my save

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The Football Manager Mobile 2018 update has been released. I could start a new save, bringing a new challenge with updated squads following the winter transfer window and bugs fixed. I could. But I haven’t. And I won’t. Why not?

Squads have been updated, but whichever club I’ve taken charge at, the previous incumbent has left me with a squad full of players I don’t want or need. After reviewing my squad, it’s straight into the transfer market and securing the signings needed to get my club moving in the right direction. In my current save, six out of my regular starting eleven are signings that I made. Not that high a change? That’s at the end of my first season. I’m sure I’m not the only one who delves into the transfer market and there are bound to be managers who have a preferred starting XI with even fewer players than they inherited. Whilst the squads may be accurate, it won’t stay that way for long.

If I were to start a new game as the Liverpool manager, I’d have Virgil van Dijk available for the season, but I’d still be looking at strengthening the defence and bringing in a goalkeeper. The accurate, up-to-date squads would soon not be accurate, up-to-date squads. Liverpool is only an example and whichever club I picked, I’d be looking at improving the team.

There are some bugs in the game, but the ones I’ve encountered have been more of a mild irritant than making the game unplayable. For example, it’s irritating that a player’s preferred role seems to change almost every match at times, but it hasn’t prevented me from playing the game or achieving a title victory. I have found tactics that work and the change to a player’s preferred role hasn’t had any noticeable impact. It’s incredibly strange that my opponents frequently make a substitution within one minute of the second half starting, but it doesn’t have a major impact.

I don’t want to start a new save as I’m enjoying my current one. It’s a save I’d been thinking about doing for a while and it’s going well. I’m producing content about the save and don’t want to stop that and start a new series just for the removal of some minor bugs and up-to-date squads.

So thanks for the update SI, but no thanks from me. Of course, if you can persuade me otherwise, leave a comment.

Don’t lean out the window! A European misadventure

Don’t lean out the window follows the authors, who are in a band, on their tour of Europe via the inter-rail tickets they have bought. Whilst they can travel where they want in Europe, it’s not all plain sailing, leading to the second part of the title. For example, their plan to finance the trip through busking is not always universally popular. However, they do encounter some incredibly generous people.

It’s an easy to read, humorous book. The narration switches between the authors, so I did have to check who was writing at times, but this is a small gripe for an enjoyable book.

Rating (out of 5): ****

The Buck Stops Here! Episode 14

Recap on Episode 13

2017/18 Champions League Quarter Final draw

Barcelona V Roma

I’d expect Messi and co to be able to break down Roma and progress to the semi-final.

Sevilla V Bayern Munich

Bayern will put Sevilla under more pressure than Manchester United did and qualify for the semi-final.

Juventus V Real Madrid

A repeat of last year’s final. As with last year’s final, I expect Real to triumph.

Liverpool V Manchester City

Two teams who can score plenty of goals, but City’s stronger defence will see them through.

2018 Premier League Darts Week 7 Predictions

Michael Smith V Peter Wright – Draw
Simon Whitlock V Daryl Gurney – Whitlock win
Mensur Suljovic V Rob Cross – Cross win
Gerwyn Price V Michael van Gerwen – van Gerwen win
Raymond van Barneveld V Gary Anderson – Anderson win

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