The Group of Death is…

Information about the groups (and my thoughts) can be found here.

After voting, leave a comment with why you voted for the group that you did.


140 or 280 characters?

Twitter has increased the character limit from 140 to 280 characters. What should the limit be?

Bond, James Bond

Leave a comment giving detail why they are your favourite Bond.

Frank de Boer

Crystal Palace sacked Frank de Boer after 4 games. In that time they failed to score a goal or win a point.

McGregor’s next match

Leave a comment with who you think his opponent should be as well.

Mayweather V McGregor

A week to go. Vote on who you think will win.

Bale or Ronaldo?

Over the summer, there were rumours that Ronaldo would return to the Premier League. Before the Super Cup, there were rumours that Bale would return to the Premier League. I don’t think either of them will leave Real Madrid through this transfer window, but if one of them did return to the Premier League, which one would you rather see? Leave a comment with your reason after voting.