The World Championship of Tribute Band Names The Final – Courtbetweeners V T Rextasy

Recap on the draw and schedule

Voting will close at 19:00 on Tuesday 27th August. In the event of a tie, I will have the deciding vote.


T Rextasy

The World Championship of Tribute Band Names – Third Place Playoff and Final

Recap on the draw

Recap on the Last 32

Recap on the Last 16

Recap on the Quarter-Finals

Recap on the Semi-Finals

The voting for each match will open at 19:00 each night and finish at 19:00 the following evening. In the event of a tie, I will have the deciding vote.

Sunday 25th August: Chick Jagger V Iffy Clyro

Monday 26th August: Courtbetweeners V T Rextasy

The World Cup of Enema of the State – The Final: Don’t Leave Me V Going Away To College

Recap on the first Semi-Final

Recap on the second Semi-Final

Voting closes at 19:00 on Monday 24th June.

The World Cup of Tribute Band Names – The Final

The Semi-Final stage has finished. Two tribute bands will contest the World Cup of Tribute Band Names Final, whilst the other two will take part in the 3rd Place Playoff. The schedule is below. Voting will start at 20:00 on the day and close at 20:00 the following day.

Third Place Playoff

The Clone Roses V OasishWednesday 10th April

The World Cup of Tribute Band Names Final

By Jovi V Antarctic MonkeysThursday 11th April

In the event of a tie, I will have the deciding vote.

New Zealand 34-17 Australia

New Zealand beat Australia to become the first team to retain the Webb Ellis Trophy with a strong performance to cement their place as the best in the world. New Zealand opened the scoring with a penalty, which Australia replied to and New Zealand added a couple more penalties before New Zealand scored their opening try at the end of the half. New Zealand looked to have the game secured with a brilliant try from Nonu at the start of the second half, but a yellow card for Smith allowed Australia to score two quick tries and move within four points, before a drop goal, penalty and try secured victory for the All Blacks.

The first half hour was quite nervy with plenty of errors from both sides, but once New Zealand hit their stride, they were the better team. They were able to secure quick ball when required when attacking and limited Australia’s chances – Australia only seemed to be in with a chance when New Zealand were down to 14 men. The victory for New Zealand was well deserved, who were clearly the better team and excellent throughout the knockout stages against France, South Africa and Australia.