The Chips Are Town #23 – Revenge is on the Cards

An inspired substitution secured us a magnificent away win in our previous fixture. Hopefully, we wont require a change to see us to victory. But we’re up against the team that knocked us out of the FA Cup, so I’m not holding my breath…

How do we do against Woking in the league?

The Chips Are Town #22 – Beating the blues

A fiery half time team talk fired up the lads against East Thurrock – hopefully it will continue to act as inspiration (or a warning!) as we board the bus for our next game.

How do we do at Oxford?

The Chips Are Town #21 – It’s A Game Of Two Halves

It was a long, quiet drive back from Chelmsford, with everyone reflecting on the bizarre circumstances in which we lost. At this time of the season, the action comes thick and fast and we’re soon presented with an opportunity to get things back on track.

Is our weekend better than the mid-week?

The Chips Are Town #20 – £250 richer

We reached expectations in exiting the FA Cup at the Fourth Qualifying Round, but we’re a couple of places up on our expected finish in the league. After a lengthy journey back from Woking (made longer by reflecting on defeat), we board the bus again for an even longer mid-week trip to Chelmsford.

Can we make it a happy journey home?

The Chips Are Town #19 – Hot Shots Part Piri?

Our last match saw us claim a somewhat fortunate win in the league. The alternating between the league and the FA Cup continues. One thing is for certain though as we board the bus – we’re going to need to play much better if we’re going to be in the FA Cup First Round and potentially travelling to (or hosting) the likes of Sunderland, Portsmouth or Swindon Town.

Are we in the hat for the First Round of the FA Cup?

The Chips Are Town #18 – By hook or by Crook

Demolishing a lower league side in the FA Cup is all well and good, but the board are not going to get carried away with results like that. They want performances and results in the league. And next up in the league we have a tough test.

How does the tough test go?

The Chips Are Town #17 – Hot Shots Part Du

It was a very lucky point that we gained against Dulwich Hamlet in our last match. Our attention switches back to the FA Cup and we’re going to need a better away performance it we’re to even reach the minimum expectation of the Fourth Qualifying Round.

Do we reach the Fourth Qualifying Round of the FA Cup?