2017/18 Champions League Quarter Final draw

Barcelona V Roma

I’d expect Messi and co to be able to break down Roma and progress to the semi-final.

Sevilla V Bayern Munich

Bayern will put Sevilla under more pressure than Manchester United did and qualify for the semi-final.

Juventus V Real Madrid

A repeat of last year’s final. As with last year’s final, I expect Real to triumph.

Liverpool V Manchester City

Two teams who can score plenty of goals, but City’s stronger defence will see them through.


Should VAR be used at the World Cup?

Portrait of an icon

Portrait of an icon takes a brief look at some of the best known names in recent world football. Each profile is short (I don’t think any are longer than 8 pages) and focus more on quotes (from the person and others in world football) and anecdotes than statistics; an excellent approach, especially for the portrait of Pierluigi Collina.

Goals are the currency of football, so it is perhaps little surprise that the majority of those profiled are attacking players. Despite this, there are still portraits of defensive players and managers are also included.

As well as being an excellent book, it’s also the type to provoke discussion about who has been included and who has been left out. A final reason to buy this book (as if another were needed) is that proceeds go to the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.

Rating (out of 5): *****

The Group of Death is…

Information about the groups (and my thoughts) can be found here.

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Simulating Russia 2018 – The Final

How has the World Cup Final been reached? See my previous predictions based on a simulated draw.

Group Stage

Last 16



Third Placed Playoff

Germany V Brazil

A clash of footballing superpowers as the two best teams in the world meet in the World Cup Final. Brazil have a score to settle following their Semi-Final clash in the 2014 World Cup, that saw Germany triumph 7-1 over the hosts. Brazil are determined that Germany will not do the same again and set up deeper than they have in previous matches. They succeed in frustrating German attacks, whilst posing a danger of their own when attacking. It’s an interesting match and with 10 minutes to go, the scores are level. The final German substitution proves to be the pivotal moment of the game as with 5 minutes to go, the fresh pair of legs is able to put away a chance and win the World Cup for Germany. Their strength in depth has been key throughout the tournament and they are worthy winners.

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Simulating Russia 2018 – Third Placed Playoff

Catch up on my earlier predictions following a simulated World Cup draw.

Group Stage

Last 16



Uruguay V France

Traditionally, the third placed playoff tends to be an open game as neither team really wants to be there. This one proves no exception as both sides launch attack after attack. Uruguay pip a heavily rotated French side by the odd goal.

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The next post will be the World Cup Final.