Who will win the 2018 PDC World Darts Championship

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Who will win the FA Cup?

Zimbabwe U19s knocked out by ‘Mankad’ incident

Zimbabwe have been knocked out of the Under 19 World Cup after losing to the West Indies by 2 runs. The West Indies won the game by claiming the final wicket via a ‘Mankad’ dismissal (check the video below I found on Youtube that shows the dismissal)

The dismissal is within the Laws of the Game, but is widely accepted as not being within the spirit of the game; the spirit of the game would see the batsman being warned before being run out. An appeal for a ‘Mankad’ dismissal also sees the umpires asking if the fielding side wish for the appeal to be upheld.

I think that the controversy surrounding a ‘Mankad’ dismissal proves that it is a batsman’s game. The Laws of the Game state that it is a legal dismissal, therefore surely making it no more controversial than a ‘normal’ run out. It is very easy for a batsman to avoid being run out in such a manner – all they have to do is remain within the crease before the delivery is bowled, something that everyone is aware of. If batsmen are unable to manage this, surely they are attempting to gain an unfair advantage over the fielding side? Such a dismissal also proves that it’s a batsman’s game because when wickets are reviewed, the first thing that is checked is whether it is a no-ball or not. If the delivery is a no-ball, the batsman is reprieved and allowed to continue his innings, regardless of whether the bowler has overstepped the line by a millimetre or several centimetres. Therefore, if a batsman is out of his ground before the ball is delivered, the fielding side should be allowed to run him out without it being described as controversial.

Who will win the Featherweight title at UFC 194?

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