The World Cup of Tribute Band Names Third Place Playoff – The Clone Roses V Oasish

Recap on the finals.

Vote for your favourite tribute band name out of The Clone Roses or Oasish; voting closes at 20:00 on Thursday 11th April.


The World Cup of Tribute Band Names – The Final

The Semi-Final stage has finished. Two tribute bands will contest the World Cup of Tribute Band Names Final, whilst the other two will take part in the 3rd Place Playoff. The schedule is below. Voting will start at 20:00 on the day and close at 20:00 the following day.

Third Place Playoff

The Clone Roses V OasishWednesday 10th April

The World Cup of Tribute Band Names Final

By Jovi V Antarctic MonkeysThursday 11th April

In the event of a tie, I will have the deciding vote.

FMM18 World Cup Day 30

Read from the introduction.

The penultimate day of the tournament sees one game; re-read how Belgium and South Korea ended up in the penultimate match.

Third Place Playoff – Belgium V South Korea

Both sides need to pick themselves up after a two-goal Semi Final loss. The Third Placed Playoff is often described as the game that no-one want to be in and for Vincent Kompany, he’s only involved for three minutes before injury forces him to leave the field. Belgium shrug off the loss of Kompany and take the lead through Yannick Carrasco with 26 minutes on the clock. Belgium don’t add to their lead in the first half, but maintain it going into the break. They double the lead within a minute of the second half kicking off; Carrasco adds his and Belgium’s second. The situation is looking desperate for South Korea, but looks to become impossible in the 74th minute when Mousa Dembele adds Belgium’s third goal. Thomas Vermaelen is sent off in the 75th minute in another blow to the Belgium defence, but the ten men see out the victory to claim third place.

Find out what happens on Day 31.