The Buck Stops Here! Episode 9


2018 Premier League Darts Week 3 Predictions

Mensur Suljovic V Michael Smith – Smith win
Daryl Gurney V Gerwyn Price – Draw
Peter Wright V Rob Cross – Wright win
Gary Anderson V Michael van Gerwen – van Gerwen win
Simon Whitlock V Raymond van Barneveld – van Barneveld win

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Viking Panzers: The German 5th SS Tank Regiment in the East in World War II

The book, as the title implies, follows the 5th SS Tank Regiment from 1942 until the end of the war. The book is made up of reports and diary entries from members of the regiment as well as maps and a narrative. The book can become hard to follow in places where it switches from one diary entry to another and it is not clear who it is from, but it offers an authoritative history of the regiment and flows from encounter to encounter seamlessly. Not a book that I would necessarily read again, but a different perspective to usual books about the war.

Rating (out of 5): ***

The Buck Stops Here! Episode 8

2018 Premier League Darts Week 2 Predictions

Michael Smith V Daryl Gurney – Smith win
Rob Cross V Simon Whitlock – Cross win
Michael van Gerwen V Peter Wright – van Gerwen win
Gerwyn Price V Gary Anderson – Price win
Raymond van Barneveld V Mensur Suljovic – van Barneveld win

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2018 Premier League Darts Week 1 Predictions

Mensur Suljovic V Simon Whitlock – Draw
Michael Smith V Gary Anderson – Anderson win
Daryl Gurney V Raymond van Barneveld – van Barneveld win
Michael van Gerwen V Rob Cross – van Gerwen win
Peter Wright V Gerwyn Price – Wright win

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Misconceptions about Football Manager Mobile 2018

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Football Manager is the yardstick for football management games. The game has been branching out so that it’s even easier to play for those on the move. But there are some misconceptions about the Mobile version of the game…

It’s not as good as Football Manager

Perhaps it’s not. But to be fair, it’s Football Manager Mobile, not Football Manager. It’s not a direct copy of Football Manager that has been transferred across to mobile phones, but a game in its own right. Football Manager is becoming an ever more complex and immersive game. Football Manager Mobile looks to take the key tasks of being a manager – signing players, getting a team on to the pitch and playing matches. In many ways, this focus reminds me more of where I started with the series – Championship Manager 97/98.

It’s too easy

Perhaps it is. A computer has far more processing power than a phone, so it seems a bit unfair to expect the AI on the Mobile version to be as advanced. Astute signings and good tactics can make any management game too easy though…

It’s the same as FMM17

There are plenty of similarities with last year’s version. But Football Manager (and FMM) have always been about evolution rather than revolution. There aren’t as many new features in FMM when compared to FM, but FM has more computing power behind it. Besides MLS and the Korean League being added, there is now a Team of the Week award, a team report and the chance for a new stadium that might even be named after you. Amongst other features of course.

Unrealistic scores

3-3; 3-1; 2-1; 4-0; 2-2; 2-1; 2-1; 3-1; 1-1; 1-1; 0-2; 1-0; 2-0; 1-0; 3-1; 3-2; 1-0; 3-0; 3-0. The scores of my matches this season. I would say that there’s nothing unrealistic in the above scores (that’s close to half a season), with 3-3 being the least likely. But the first day of the season can result in unlikely scores.

Value is not linked to player quality

A search for any players has the top five players (in terms of their value) as Neymar, Messi, Suarez, Ronaldo, Pogba. All five of those players would be widely accepted as amongst the best in the world. Meanwhile, my leading player at Telford United (John Marsden) is valued at £7,000 and his stats are quite a way off the five better-known players above. Granted it’s quite an extreme to go from players at some of the biggest clubs in the world to the National League North, but we’ve yet to come across a player with a massive value attached to him or absolutely amazing stats.

Players always get injured

So far, I have had one injury. Unfortunately to my leading player, but for close to half a season, it seems to dispel the myth that you’ll end up struggling to field a team, never mind finding enough players for the substitute’s bench. I should add that my physio aptitude is poor, so I haven’t got an amazing physio keeping the club going. Clicking on your physio(s) will give their assessment of an injury risk and any recurring issues for players, which is well worth watching. A little bit of rotation could avoid some lengthy absences