The Chips Are Town #14 – Too Much Drama

Things didn’t go to plan in Devon. And I think it was largely my fault. Time to put things right. I hope! Do I put things right?


Offshore Pilsner

As part of his Twitch streams, @kegmanplays has a #BeerBollocks section in which a beer is selected and any accompanying notes are read. It’s inspired me to start my own, in which I will write down any tasting notes or notes on the bottle or can. If there are tasting notes and notes on the bottle or can, both will be included (stating which is which). As well as being written down, I will also give them my #BeerBollocks rating, ranging from 0 (notes just say what it is) to 5 (complete and utter #BeerBollocks). I’ll also include my thoughts on the beer and rating I’ve given it on Untappd.

Offshore Pilsner

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Offshore Pilsner

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How does Offshore Pilsner score?

Loos 1915: The Unwanted Battle

The outbreak of war in 1914 saw large early successes for the German army on the Western Front, before counter-attacks pushed them back. When the Western Front stabilised, Germany had still made significant gains, including holding territory in France. The French were determined to remove all German soldiers from French soil and as quickly as possible. Attacks were launched in 1915, with an attack in September and October including a reluctant British Expeditionary Force at Loos. <!–more Continue reading my review of Loos 1915: The Unwanted Battle–>

Loos 1915: The Unwanted Battle looks at before, during and after the battle. Before the battle focuses on why the British did not want the battle, whilst after looks at the impact it had on the British army. Corrigan writes in a clear style and sets out the facts, making it clear when he is offering his opinion. Prior to reading the book, I knew very little about the battle; I now have a greater knowledge of why, and how fiercely, the battle was fought.

Rating (out of 5): ****

The Chips Are Town #13 – Fawlty Tactics

Things were close (but pretty uneventful) against Concord Rangers, so hopefully a road trip to Devon (in what seems to be becoming our home away from home) will bring more excitement and three more points.

Will we win in Devon?

The Last Legs of Norman Pilbeam: The Diary of Yesterday’s Man

Norman Pilbeam has retired. He loves Shakespeare, but his quotes often fall on deaf ears as he struggles to keep up to date with the world around him. Arguably, this is not helped by the presence of his formidable wife. Continue reading the review

Reviewing 2018

Happy New Year!

It’s been an enjoyable year of blogging. But before I look back on what I consider some of my highlights, thank you to the 2,759 visitors of 2018. It’s more than double the visitors of 2017 and I look forward to welcoming visitors back as well as people visiting for the first time.

I embarked on two projects this year. The first was in June and July, where I blogged the Football Manager Mobile World Cup to go alongside the World Cup. If you missed it at the time, or want to read it again, start with the first post.

In December, I posted a twist on Elf on a Shelf, doing Die Hard on a Card instead. It’s best to provide a link to the final Die Hard on a Card, which contains links to all the other days. Again, please feel free to check it out or re-visit it.

I started a new Football Manager series with Chippenham Town, called ‘The Chips Are Town’. The new series was the result of leaving Football Manager 2012 behind and playing Football Manager 2019. Before getting into the action, I introduced the series. The introduction contains a link to the next post.

Book reviews have continued throughout the year as well as other posts. This will continue through 2019. I look forward to welcoming you back!